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#1 Abstract Modern Urban Jungle | #2 Tehran (Iran) | #3 Sicily (IT) | #4 North & Baltic Sea (DE) | #5 Winterreise (DE) | (samples below)

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#1   Abstract Modern Urban Jungle

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Project 13   23. Aug 2018 | Neumünster, Germay

Victor C soon will present his new Project 13. It will be a new best of selection of 13 photos related to one specific topic or a special shooting technique. One topic is called Nature in Motion and another one will be Fancy Modern Architecture in Warsaw. Two further working titles are: Freaky Abstract European Architecture and Vietnam a portrait of People in the streets. Of course, all photos will be also available as a Calendar Collection. These and other subjects will be presented soon. More on request.

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Kunstflecken   08. Sep. - 01. Oct. 2017 | Neumünster (near Hamburg), Germay

Victor C will participate at the annually joint art exhibition with an exhibition about his abstract architecture motives. Link to the event. For this occasion a Calendar 2018 will be realeased soon. The SMARTISTIC calendar by Victor C is called Abstract Modern Urban Jungle - Concrete Glas Steel Structures consisting of 13 photos can be ordered from now on. More information on request. Just send an e-mail. All 13 motives are shown here above.

#2   Tehran 2019 | Iran through my lens


Neumünster, 10. Oct. 2017

Enter into the fascinating world of Iran. Follow me through historical monuments and places as well as vivid and colourful markets within the ancient city centre of Tehran. This capital is full of charismatic individuals and really welcoming and joyous people. If you plan to travel to Iran I invite you to contact me for more details. If you speak English I might have a wonderful special guide for you. Your trip will be unforgettable, I promise.

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#3   Sicily 2019 | Italy through my lens


Neumünster, 21. Nov. 2017

Italy is known for "La dolce vita"! And this is only one facet of the very diversified country. Enter into the fascinating world of Sicily. Follow me through historical monuments and places showing magnificant cathedrals or spectacular and unique water fountains within the ancient city centre of Palermo. This capital is full of charismatic individuals and really welcoming and joyous people. If you plan to travel to Sicily I invite you to contact me for more details. It is a fascinating Island with a delicious cuisine culture. Therefore, I assure you an unforgettable holiday.

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#4   North & Baltic Sea 2019 | Germany


Hamburg, 01. Dec. 2017
Enjoy the beauty of the German North- and Baltic Sea
. All photos were taken in Schleswig-Holstein. Some are abstract, most of them colourful, bright and shiny and with penty of sunshine. Made with love and with a lot of appreciation for nature, the seaside, boats and yachts.

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#5   Winterreise ins Dosenmoor


Neumünster, 02. Dec. 2017

Follow me in an abstract winter journey into the native moor of Neumünster. "It has something very spiritual, to explore the local nature alone with my camera on sunny but ice cold days. Despite the chilling coldness and frozen fingers I am very happy to focus the lens on always new and tension-charged motifs. In the course of the several-hour hikes through the white winter landscape, the silence of the beautiful nature is soon joined by an inner peace. It is exactly this interaction with nature that magically attracts and fascinates me."

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Upcoming calendar project deals with Poland's capital city Warsaw (Warszawa). I still have not decided if there will be a mixture motifs from the wonderful ancient city center and some beautiful parks or if I will focus on the skyscrapers with their modern architecture based on glass and steel. Maybe I will decide to make two calendars. My decision will be posted soon. ...

Sample of my Calendar on YouTube!


Dear all!

Please have a look at my first YouTube video showing the entire new calendar "Abstract Modern Urban Jungle 2018" which is based on an A3 format and contains photos in DIN A4. Looking forward to your comments and posts.
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